Christopher Reeve dies at 52

Christopher Reeve, who many remember as playing Superman in the 1978 film, "Superman: The Movie," has died. CNN.com mentioned this in its related article:

Reeve went into cardiac arrest Saturday at his home in Westchester County, New York, after developing a serious systemic infection during treatment for a pressure wound. He slipped into a coma and died Sunday afternoon at a hospital near his home.

A horse-riding accident paralyzed Mr. Reeve in May of 1995, making him a quadrapalegic. And yet, years later he returned to acting. I remember his version of "Rear Window" and thought that his work on the current Smallville series was a pretty nice twist and tribute to his efforts.

"Superman: The Movie" was one of my favorite films, due in no small part to how Mr. Reeve played his part(s) of Superman/Clark Kent, and I'm saddened by his passing.

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