The Barenaked Ladies Variety Show

My buddy Joey read here that the five-man band named Barenaked Ladies might end up starring in their own variety TV show.

Here's the entire article:

Fox Orders Pilot Starring Barenaked Ladies
Sep 29, 8:25 AM (ET)

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Fox Broadcasting Co. has ordered a pilot for a variety show starring the Barenaked Ladies that will feature the playful rock group performing music and comedy skits along with guest actors.

The Canadian band, known for writing upbeat songs with quirky lyrics and engaging their audiences with onstage banter, will have plenty of leeway to ad-lib on the show, tentatively titled, "The Barenaked Ladies Variety Show."

All of the band members - Steven Page, Jim Creeggan, Ed Robertson, Kevin Hearn and Tyler Stewart - will perform.

"This is a natural expansion to their live experience," said co-executive producer John Ziffren. "We are trying to capture that energy and make it into a TV show."

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