More spam-posts!

I just finished deleting a few hundred spam-posts. Grrr! There were 1 - 4 spam-comments posted to EVERY Nowheresville article. They all followed the same pattern, so they were obviously from the same source, regardless of what the variety of commenter info or IP addresses suggested. Ah, well. I purchased the new version of Movable Type recently, and I guess it's about time that I installed it. Expect registration-required commentability afterwards. >:/

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Jonathan commented at 3:36 AM on August 21, 2004:

What happened to MT-Blacklist? I use it on mine, and it works just great. Also, it has an automatic deletion of spam comments feature.

Nobody commented at 12:52 AM on August 22, 2004:

MT-Blacklist didn't seem to help at all. The other fix I used worked really well, although wasn't complete in its protection (which is even more obvious after the latest attack).

When I upgrade to the new Movable Type version, I'm looking into doing it from scratch, as I move to Surpass Hosting, the guys you use at macphoenix.com. You still like them?

Jonathan commented at 9:40 PM on August 23, 2004:

Yeah, I do. I have a couple of outages, but they've been really minor, and the shared server I am on is getting a bit full. They've promised to move stuff around, and I believe them. But they're responsible and inexpensive.

Nobody commented at 4:12 PM on August 26, 2004:

I keep getting attacked. Curses! The good news is that I think by next week I'll have Hurm.com and its blogging system upgraded so that I won't get this garbage any more. The bad news is it'll keep flooding me until then, as far as I can tell. :/

comix commented at 12:17 PM on August 30, 2004:

A little off-topic but just wanted to say I liked the layout of the site

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