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I own TheFourthWall.com, and although it appears to be an entertainment review site it's actually a Web development portfolio piece. Today I added it to my online portfolio, at www.hurm.com/studio/.

The main highlight of the site is that no HTML tables were used in the control of the page layout. I used cascading style sheets to organize the page content.

Actually, The Fourth Wall was my original idea for a blog, but since I never pursued it zealously I just moved the few entries I created for it into Nowheresville.

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Jonathan commented at 9:52 AM on July 15, 2004:

"For example, this page can be properly read in normal Web browsers, e-book readers, and by the blind and deaf."

Why do the deaf need a special reader? Is there a reader that translates sites into American Sign Language? Or is there a special audio feature that your sites have that I haven't been able to hear?

Oh, maybe you meant that your site can be viewed by those who are both blind and deaf! Now I get it. Neat trick.


Nobody commented at 11:13 AM on July 15, 2004:

Actually, it was more of the case that I was typing without fully thinking. I guess most sites are technically accessible for deaf users, being visual-based and all. I must have subconsciously "and deaf" after "blind" as some sort of rare, uneccessary habit. :P

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