The Triplets of Belleville

Susan uses Netflix, and one of the movies that recently showed up in her mailbox was a cartoon, The Triplets of Belleville (originally called Les Triplettes de Belleville). She said we had seen previews of it, but I didn't (and still do not) recall them at all. I liked the movie a lot.

The movie opens with something of a pre-main show cartoon, done sort of like a turn-of-the-century Disney or Max Fleisher style. There's no straight-out talking, but the triplets sing along with "Belleville Rendez-vous," which received the Acadamy Award Nomination for Best Song. (The movie itself received the Academy Award Nomination for Best Animated Feature Film). Antics ensue.

When the opening cartoon ends, we switch to another tale taking place years later, done in a more modern cartoon style. A young boy is depressed, and a caring grandmother seeks to give him something that can help raise his spirits and give him purpose in life. In time, she seems to succeed, but this success also leads them both into perilous adventure.

I don't want to say much more than that about the plot, to avoid giving too much away. I will say that, especially after the movie was over, that I was incredibly impressed at how tight the plot and characters were. It felt like nothing was introduced into the story that didn't have important significance to the plot, but it never felt like these inclusions were gratuitous or obstructions toward the finale.

I very much recommend this movie--but not necessarily for small children (there's some violence) or people who require dialogue in their films (there is barely any). It's a top-notch production and was glad Susan remembered I liked the preview even when I didn't.

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