The Right of Shotgun (part 2 of 2)

In part one of this two-part series, I shared how claming "Shotgun" was possible, at least amongst my college friends. However, this Right was not without certain responsibilities, once we took as seriously as the ability to claim the "coveted seat of death." (You can read the first article here.)

The Duties of Shotgun
The Right of Shotgun is not without responsibilities, to Driver and Passenger alike. At a moments notice the Claimant to the Right may be required to assist the Operator of the vehicle in certain aspects related to the current journey.

Know, then, that these seven listings following are the base duties for He-Who-Possesses-the-Coveted-Seat-of-Death:
  • Navigation, and keeping account of the vehicle’s current location and the distance still needed to cross to reach the journey’s end,
  • Communications Assistance, that the Driver may continue focusing concerns on any perils that may produce themselves before the vehicle,
  • Supplier of the Vehicle’s stocks, notably acquisition and distribution of food, fuel, and currency,
  • Surveillance, for directional landmarks, for safe parking places, and most of all, vigilance must be observed for those who would inhibit any journey,
  • Environmental Assistance, for conditioning the air and clearing the Driver’s field-of-vision,
  • Vehicle Operation Assistance, in case of the Driver’s inability to operate the vehicle-in-question,
  • Driver’s Mission: wherein the Claimant, as an expressed service to the Driver, may exit the vehicle to perform a duty to the moment.
These are the Duties of Shotgun, yet, even so, more duties may be available at the discretion of the Driver of the Vehicle-in-Question.

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