The Right of Shotgun (part 1 of 2)

During my college years, my friends and I were fiercely competitive over who would sit in the front seat of our vehicles if we weren't driving. Knowing I couldn't physically compete with most of them, I introduced them to calling "shotgun" to claim that prestigious seat. But they were also mentally competitive, and so we needed to define some of the common and intuitive rules for calling shotgun. We felt this would keep our reoccurring competitions fair while still maintaining a certain level of challenge. And so was born the beloved "Right of Shotgun." (You can read the second article here.)

The Right of Shotgun
One who doth invoke the Right of Shotgun shall possess the Second Seat,
  • Provided that this fellow is first to invoke an uncontested claim in word or in deed, and conforms to the provisions described herein,
  • Provided that the wayfarers have already exited any establishment and are enroute to the vehicle to be boarded,
  • Should the claimant enter any establishment, any current claim shall be cancelled, save when the invoker is being duped by his fellows,
  • The invoker shall not be duped by his fellows as they seek to connive him that they, indeed, do not yet seek to leave, yet as he revokes his position, they return and an upstart attempts to seek this coveted position, which rightfully and honorably belongs to the original and rightful claimant,
  • The Right may not be claimed outside of one's fellow's sphere of experience. If it is invoked in this fashion, it may place the invokers Right in jeopardy,
  • All the above is placed in the discretionary hands of the Driver of the vehicle in question. Arbitration, enforcement, and even denial of the Right are his and his alone.
    Ride with Honor

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