Back in America

The title's a bit misleading I think, as I was actually back in America two evenings ago, but I was too pooped to write anything that first night and didn't really visit my computer much yesterday. I have a few snapshots up here, if you care to see them.

Susan and I had a long, cramped flight from London to Houston, TX on Tuesday night. We were actually able to get our 5-something flight to Austin, TX moved up to 3-something. That second flight was mostly empty, so I laid out across three seats even though it was only for a couple of hours.

At some point I may try to correct the orientation of the snapshots, and add in a few more—like one of the welcome sign that Lizzie and Karl made and another of the "we've lost your luggage but here's some toiletries" set that British Airways gave us when they lost our luggage.

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