Fighting comment-spam

A lot of pharmaceutical and porn services have auto-targeted my site, and I have to delete anywhere up to five spams from my comments section every day. Hopefully the MT-Blacklist plugin I installed will help thwart those spammers.

Movable Type ("MT") is the publishing system I use to post & store my news, among other tasks. Spammers have grown wise to how MT receives comments, and they set up automated systems to post comments that are essentially ads for their services and products. I have to check in with my site every day to remove all those the annoying spam-comments (before search engines find that I have them and the spammers get extra google ratings because of their dumb posts).

Some of those who use Movable Type have suggested simply turning off comments, but I kinda like that feature. Kate recently tipped off about MT-Blacklist, which is what she uses to help control comment-spam to her site. It's is a plugin for Movable Type that compares any comment made to your Movable Type site to a frequently-updated communal blacklist. You can also update your list yourself, and in that way you can "train" your anti-spam plugin to know which domains to look for and block from commenting.

I've had it in place for only a few hours. It's too soon for me to know how well it will work, or has been working.

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