Comment-spam still coming

I mentioned yesterday that I had implemented a new anti-spam plugin. It doesn't seem to be working very well. I just had to remove 8 new spams. But, I'm still learning how to use the tool, so we'll see how things progress.

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Amy commented at 5:29 PM on March 18, 2004:

I'm fighting that crap too, so if you find something that works for you, be sure to let me know!

Right now I'm getting 4 or 5 a day for the most part, and luckily they often end up on the same year-old entry, which makes it easier to just go to that entry and delete them all in one fell swoop rather than have to do it one at a time.

Have I mentioned I hate these people and their damned diet and erectile dysfunction pills?


Jonathan commented at 9:41 PM on March 18, 2004:

It's weird, but when I turned off comments for the one entry that is always hit (much like Amy's situation), my comment spam dropped off considerably.

I don't know where I saw it, but there is a random digit generator plug in that makes the commenter put in the number that is displayed that a computer can't read. If I come across it again, I'll hook ya up!

Nobody commented at 2:42 AM on March 19, 2004:

Thanks Jonathan. I'd appreciate it!

Jonathan commented at 2:25 PM on March 21, 2004:

There is this pulg-in:


But if you're using Blacklist, you have to finagle the default code. Check out the comments on that plug-in page to see what I mean. I haven't tried it myself, but I have seen it on other sites. Best of luck. You've been infested, and it'll take a bit of work to kill off the vermin.

Nobody commented at 3:19 PM on March 21, 2004:

Yeah, I've totally been infested. Ever since I put in MT-Blacklist, I've been swamped with comment-spam from njhma.com and all its variants (but from no other spammers). They're on the blacklist, so either their name variations easily slip past its defenses or it doesn't really work. Thanks for the new link. I'll check into it ASAP.

Nobody commented at 4:08 PM on March 21, 2004:

The instructions for that new plugin were a little confusing, so I'm going to have to give it a long, strong look when I get some more free time. But, in the meantime, I threw a pretty bad "click here if you're a human" JavaScript alternative into the comment system. We'll see if that works at all. :]

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