Another tactic to fight comments-spam

Looks like MT-Blacklist wasn't working. Unfortunately, I'm about to go on a trip and can't spend a lot of time researching/implementing a replacement, but the one I found here looks promising. The new tactic is that a hidden value needs to be passed to the form handler in addition to the standard MT comment form data. Spambots that work by sending the info directly and bypassing the actual comment form should be thwarted. Hopefully.

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Nobody commented at 10:39 AM on March 24, 2004:

Hm. The new anti-spam trick seems to be working. No new spam-comments since I made last night's post. Let hope it continues working, at least through my vacation.

Amy commented at 3:44 PM on March 24, 2004:

I added it to my site just today; so far, so good. Let's hope it lasts!

Nobody commented at 7:00 PM on March 25, 2004:

This new anti-spam-comment technique seems to work. I haven't had any spam since I installed it. This may be a premature reaction, but I'm going to take a chance and risk suggesting this new technique is AWESOME.

Amy commented at 9:00 AM on March 26, 2004:

It's been two days now, and no spam for me either. You rock. :)

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