Snow in Austin

In Austin, Texas, it snowed this morning. And not just a little bit, either. While I don't want to make it seem like we had an actual snowstorm or anything, there was enough snow to make make a snowball, or even a small snowman.

News 8 Austin's Meteorologist Randy Ahrens reported this about today's weather:

Snowflakes a flying!

We started Valentine's Day with a pretty impressive "snow show." Up to 3 inches of snow blanketed Central Texas overnight. It was a pretty sight to see and most of it melted by mid-morning.

KVUE said this:

Snow blankets Austin, Central Texas

Mother Nature sent Central Texas an icy, white Valentine Saturday, covering the area with up to two inches of snow that created an instant winter wonderland for thousands of people. KVUE Chief Meteorologist Mark Murray said that it was the most snow in Austin proper since 1985.

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