A better snapshot of Kirby

I recently remarked that my dog's birthday is this month, on the fourteenth. Susan suggested that I should probably share a picture where you can see her better, so here's a shot of Kirby (and my mom's dog, Promise, behind her) that's a bit nicer. It was taken on the twenty-fourth of June of last year in my mom's back yard.

I also didn't mention anything about Kirby's age in that previous message. She was born outside on a cold winter day in Marcellus, New York, on December 14, 1991 (making her 12 years old).

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Susan commented at 6:31 PM on December 28, 2003:

That's weird. I left a comment earlier and now it's gone....

Anyway - that's more like it for a puppy pic! Yay Kirby! :)

Bastion commented at 1:05 PM on December 29, 2003:

Is there peanut butter on that stick?

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