Using “Site Meter”

I signed up for Site Meter yesterday. The Site Meter services tracks a number of web trafic stats. You may have seen its signature multicolored block at the bottom of these pages.

I used different stat trackers in the past, but to use those I had sign up for each page I wanted tracked. Whatta pain. With Site Meter, I sign up once and place the tracker on all approproate pages. Much simpler. More sensible.

I signed up because I was curious about who was coming to my site, including which other sites (including blog referrals, message board mentions, and search engine redirections) were pointing people to mine. My web host provided very limited information in this regard, and I went with Site Meter since some friends of mine were having success with it.

For now, the information that is being tracked is visible to all, but that may change in the future.

Edit—The Next Day: I was originally thinking I would use one Site Meter set-up for the whole Hurm.com "network" (Hurm Studio, Nowheresville, etc.), but today I started thinking that I should have a separate meter set up for each site/sub-site. And so I just created a new account for Nowheresville, and it'll take some time for the stats to start building in that new account.)

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