Pac-Man programmed in in Excel

A single person re-creating Pac-Man to run on PC may seem like an insignificant excercise by today's standards, but what if the game was recreated in Microsoft Excel?

The creator explains himself on the home page of this fantastic recreation:

Do you know the game PACELMAN?

This software works on Excel 97 and 2000.
I was absorbed in video game named *PAC-MAN* when I was a schoolchild.
I would like to reproduce that on Excel. I've held the thought from two years before,
and finally...It's realized.

All actions are expressed by rewriting of a cell background color.
Each one of cells as a dot, and move it by make cell's background color high-speed rewriting.
Although I did not think it's possiblele, but now it's possiblele by the favor of the
improvement in a performance of a personal computer.
The window zoom is 10%, so the each cell can not be seen. But it is A CELL.

I'm very happy if you feel Excel & VBA has an infinite possibility!
For all I know, It must be meaningful that makes the program works on Excel!!


You can download his Excel version of Pac-Man here.

Creating games in Excel apparently isn't a unique idea, either. Here's a link to some other Excel-based games.

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karen commented at 12:39 AM on August 26, 2004:

can we have the codes or commands you made to make pacman visible in excell tnx waiting for your reply..

Nobody commented at 5:03 PM on August 26, 2004:

I didn't make that Excel version of Pac-Man. You should check the site of the guy who made it at http://www.geocities.jp/nchikada/pac/

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