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Family Guy is one hi-lar-i-ous show. It was originally created for and shown on FOX, but it didn't do so well. Recently, Cartoon Network picked it up for reruns, and it's been doing great. The problem for us fans is that only three seasons were made.

Then today Susan sends me a link to a Cinescape article about a new Family Guy movie!

Here's the whole Cinescape article:

Creator Seth McFarlane has good news for his fans!

Dateline: Friday, September 5, 2003

By: News Editor
Source: Seth McFarlane

In an exclusive interview with Coming Attractions at Cinescape, FAMILY GUY creator Seth McFarlane told us that the rumor about the possible return of his TV show is about to become a reality. A deal is imminent for McFarlane to continue creating new animated adventures of Quahog's nuttiest, funniest dysfunctional family, the Griffins.

"It's all come down to the budget right now. We're hashing it out," McFarlane tells CA. "It would be a direct-to-DVD project."

While the feature length FAMILY GUY will be developed at Fox, it will be at a different division and not through the company's television arm. And as for when we might be able to see new FAMILY GUY goodness:

"Timeframe, you're probably looking at a year, a year-and-a-half down the line. It will take a while to make. If we could do it within a year it would be very exciting."

With tremendous sales of the first DVD volume of FAMILY GUY (the second set goes on sale starting next week) and ratings on Cartoon Network climbing high, McFarlane's now-cancelled series is proving to be more popular in its afterlife than it was when it was in active production on Fox. Expect all the TV series cast members to reprise their roles for the movie.

Look for my exclusive 10 questions interview with Seth McFarlane next week here on Cinescape. Find out more about the origins of the show, the developing FAMILY GUY movie and what storyline McFarlane has got in mind for it!

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Read Comments (58)

Bastion commented at 10:35 AM on September 16, 2003:

Meanwhile in other Seth McFarlane news:

Here's the dirt on his new FOX show, "American Dad."


dave commented at 9:45 AM on September 28, 2003:

this is the best thing that i have ever heard


bobby campbell commented at 4:26 PM on November 6, 2003:

when is this movie suppsed to come out anyway?

Nobody commented at 8:48 PM on November 6, 2003:

I don't know, Bobby. I haven't heard any updates yet.

Phil commented at 1:15 PM on November 7, 2003:

I am for sure going to buy it. It will be amazing. I watch both volumes of family guy daily. Giggity giggity giggity!

Potatohead commented at 12:56 PM on November 10, 2003:

"when is this movie suppsed to come out anyway?"

Read the article moron

Jeez this world is full of idiots

Nobody commented at 9:00 PM on November 11, 2003:

Potato head, don't be a jerk. If you check the dates, Bobby posted his question weeks after the initial rumor-confirmation posting. It's not unreasonable for him to presume that additional information might have become available since the first post.

d man commented at 1:31 PM on November 19, 2003:

yeah so fuck you potatohead

ham commented at 4:22 PM on November 21, 2003:

Shutup poop on a stick batman

I did ur mom commented at 11:22 PM on December 9, 2003:

Family Guy is da bomb!!
They say in the movie that Stewie is a homosexual(awkward).

i did ur mom commented at 11:24 PM on December 9, 2003:

Who's idea was it to cancel the show!!!!!!!!
Man, what an ass!

Seth McCfarlane commented at 11:41 PM on December 13, 2003:

August 30, 2004 is release date.

TASHA commented at 11:04 AM on December 22, 2003:


ck commented at 2:10 PM on December 25, 2003:

seth mcfarlane is hot

sdfasdfdsafsfd commented at 6:32 PM on January 1, 2004:

family guy is on cartoon network monday-thurs at 11:30.

Louis commented at 2:23 AM on January 4, 2004:

I think that family guy simply must return to syndicated television. Inevitably Seth McFarlane will most likely not ever graze the success that family guy has brought both pre and post cancellation. He needs to hop back on that gravy train. I'm willing to bet there isnt a network out there, not a ONE, that isnt willing to to get thier hands on that VERY lucrative franchise. we are talking action figures, video games, and most importantly NEW FUCKING EPISODES

P.S. Seth McFarlane has a BEAUTIFUL singing voice.

Laura commented at 2:33 PM on January 4, 2004:

Family Guy is the best thing on TV without a doubt, why would Stewie being homosexual be 'awkward'? There's been enough references in the programme hasn't there?

Tony Ferrentino commented at 6:07 PM on January 4, 2004:

The Family Guy is the greatest show, I already bought all the seasons. I still dont get why it was cancelled. IM SO PUMPED FOR the new season and or movie

Alexsis n. commented at 7:52 PM on January 4, 2004:

Family guy rules! my favorite character is stewie.the people who shut the show off shouldnt have!

Family Guy Lover commented at 5:47 PM on January 5, 2004:

Man I love family guy it's so cool I like the episode
with Y2K that was fuckin Hilarious

will smith commented at 1:36 PM on January 6, 2004:


Loismustdie@yahoo.com commented at 6:38 PM on January 10, 2004:

Finally, maybe someday in the not to far away future stewie will return, kill lois, and rule the world.

jeremy commented at 3:07 PM on January 17, 2004:

in stewies words " What the duece" was fox thinking when they canceled family guy. this show is damn funny and deserves nuthing short of being the most recognized show in history. an in quagmires words " did i just get laid ?"

Peter Griffin fan commented at 3:48 PM on January 19, 2004:

Family Guy kicks so much ASS! I have all three seasons on DVD. I'm looking foward 2 a movie, and hopefully a new season. BLAST THOSE FUCKERS WHO CANCELLED IT!!!!

missy commented at 4:02 AM on February 3, 2004:

Family Guy has become my absolute favorite show of all times!!! I still love renting all the series, but I'm out raged the show was canceled!!!!! What @%#*ing moron would THINK to do that???!!! ....Seth, props to you....your a genious, with humor and a beautiful voice. .....Whats this I hear about a movie??!!!!

Andrew commented at 12:11 PM on February 5, 2004:

Did anyone else hear that they were also in negotiations to restart the show? They said they might have it up and running with new episodes in January 2005? I heard it through the grapevine and just wanna check

Nobody commented at 10:23 PM on February 5, 2004:

Andrew, we heard the same thing. I posted a note entitled "'Family Guy' Returns to TV?" when I first heard it on November 21, 2003. Here's the link.

Peter commented at 11:24 PM on February 5, 2004:

I am delighted to hear that he is making new episodes. I would like to contact him personally and thank him for bringing the show back. It is arguably the best show ever on TV, ranking right up there with the Simpsons. I have seen every episode. It is my favorite show ever. I watch it on Cartoon Network every weekday night at 11:00pm. Lets continue to watch and keep the ratings soaring. Hats off to the Mcfarlane.

Daniel commented at 2:54 PM on February 14, 2004:

Congrats Seth Mcfarlane & Team for Family Guy, the show itīs similar to the Simpsons but with the touch of sarcasm that they needed or loosed somehow in their way to success.

Hope to see new episodes soon, wether on Fox or any other Network, just run that excelent show again :)

ps: love that episode "one if by clam..." in where Stewie tells Brian "F U". im telling"...no no, I said Vacuum.. lol, good one.

porter commented at 7:54 AM on March 9, 2004:

fAmily guy movie is gonna be awesome

Matthew Parker commented at 11:02 AM on March 16, 2004:

Hey Seth McFarlane! Family Guy is by far the best programme I've ever seen and I can't wait until the movie comes out. So when is it actually coming out?

Adrian Wu commented at 4:44 PM on March 17, 2004:


weston commented at 6:19 PM on March 21, 2004:

dear seth mcfarlane,

i ask when will the family guy come out. i would really like it if u made another season or 2 of family guy i have all 3 seasons on dvd. So i would like it a lot if u made a 4 and 5 season.

your fan, weston

God commented at 11:06 PM on April 28, 2004:

It was cancled due to crappy ratings. Most likely due to a shitty time spot and lousy promoting/ads. Cartoon Network had it in a prime spot for people waiting for anime/ATHF/etc.

Thus success is usually done throughs PROMOTION. Fox needs to hardwire that into their damn brains...

Cameron commented at 10:38 AM on May 2, 2004:

When the movie hits the shelves, profits will ski-rocket for the Family Guy crew!! Bottom line is this: Leave room for a sequel. Family Guy is a gold mine waiting to be picked. Besides it has to be greatest show ever, GOD said so.... thanks for the laughs !!

commandersisko commented at 4:40 PM on May 8, 2004:

I LOVE FAMILY GUY! It's like soooooo cool... Also, I'm glad that they are soooooo popular now since fox cut them off the air. Serves them right! LOL anyway best of luck to Seth and the crew also, "DAMN YOU VILE WOMAN!"

ME commented at 8:19 PM on May 11, 2004:

WHY THE FUCK CANT I SEE FAMILY GUY ON TV ANYMORE. For me, its not on cartoon network like a whole bunch of u are seeing. I think we should have some huge Petition thingy to have Family Guy back on FOX!!!!!!

~the biggest fan of family guy

I loves ham commented at 11:19 AM on June 29, 2004:

Family guy is the funniest show ever ....
if they actually brought it back i would literall shit my pants .... a movie would be great although i would rather have a new season of shows

Cameron (Family Guy product pusher/juggalo/ninja commented at 11:15 AM on July 4, 2004:

I have been buying sets upon sets of these Family Guy dvd's for friends family and the black homeless guy selling stolen dvd players in downtown Phoenix, to show his customers they really do work. He thanks me everytime he and his brothers run past me. To be honest they are all darker than the next, and one speaks spanish, but he still calls them his brothers. So if you can't see Family Guy on Cartoon Network, then buy the fucking dvd !!!!

lawrence commented at 11:47 AM on July 13, 2004:

PLEASE put alot of QUAGMIRE!!! HE IS HAlLARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

kyri commented at 10:35 PM on July 21, 2004:

Quagmire really is hilarious. oh yeah
i'm glad the movie's main plot is supposed to revolve around stewie. and i agree, there's already been many subtle homosexual references.
One of my favorite moments: in the episode where Peter is jealous of his son's penis size, Stewie does an unbelievable rendition of "Rocket man". What a moment in the history of television! I can't get enough of that...

Shaun commented at 1:33 PM on July 22, 2004:

If anyone has the song cant touch me from family guy could you send it to snoopy6942@hotmail.com

Adnan commented at 7:11 PM on July 22, 2004:

I love Family Guy. I can't get enough of it. I've seen every episode numerous times, always funnier than the last. My favourite song ever would be Can't Touch Me or Don't Do Toad.


Link to all the songs they sang. Enjoy :)

Also, congrats to Seth and Alex on family guy. I'm looking forward to seeing Alex Borstein + cast in montreal in a few days (I believe, I might be late...crap) at the Just for Laughs comedy club.

zerogirl commented at 11:13 AM on July 23, 2004:

I love The Family Guy! Have been a faithful follower since it first aired on FOX, and I still watch it nightly on Cartoon Network. Ted Turner brings us such wonderful television programming. I am also in love with Seth McFarlane! Oh, we could have such beautiful children.(*sighs*)

Damn you all!!! commented at 12:44 AM on July 28, 2004:


peachiegurl commented at 10:27 PM on July 29, 2004:

Seth McFarlane is so hott. Gawd!He's got a great smile.I'm so NOT a stalker!I'm just weird.Family Guy is so damn funnie.Watchin it now.Laughin mah ass off.Bye everyone.

Weweunidragicorn commented at 9:34 AM on August 3, 2004:

Peachiegurl, if that makes you weird I don't want to be normal! and, um...I'm mad at fox! fox no smart! Family guy is one of the best television shows I've ever watched! Even I see that canceling it was a mistake, and thats bad...

stephanie commented at 3:09 PM on August 3, 2004:

Seth Mcfarlane has created the best cartoon and not only that hes cute and sings great

CatLikeTheif commented at 8:12 PM on August 23, 2004:

Well to answer a few questions to anyone that might stumble on this site, yes alot of the movie is gonna be about stewie being homosexual and what not. And um in the new season that old guy who like trys to molest Chris will be back in the new season (His names Herbert.) That Patti Tanager the Caddi Manager guy will be back and Quagmire will have a big story about him in some of the episodes now. Um, the new season should be here by about January and as for the movie, im guessin sometime soon after that. Thats about all i know. Somebody please post and tell me if this was helpful or if im jsut gettin all of this late.

Starius commented at 9:50 AM on March 18, 2005:

ha ha i am the future you guys are the past and seth mcfarlane lied to us wooooooooo it wasnt releast august 30th 2004 wooooo its scary i am the future

Katy commented at 8:45 PM on April 12, 2005:


someone commented at 7:53 PM on April 17, 2005:

family guy kick @$$ the best haracter is stewie
"id love to stay and chat, but you're a total bitch"

bob commented at 5:34 PM on April 26, 2005:

guess wat i have the lyrics for "can't touch me"
Can't touch me
Can't touch me
Ju-JU-JU-Ju-JUst like the bad guy from lethal weapon 2
I've got dimplotmatic imutity
So hammer u can't sue
I can write graffity
even jay walk in the street
I can riot loot, not give a hoot
And touch your sister's tee
Can't touch me
Can't touch me
Can't touch me
Stop peter time
Im a big shot there's no dout
Lite a fire and pee it out
Dont like it
Kiss my rump
Just for a minute lets all do the bump
Can't touch me
Yeah do the peter griffin bump
Can't touch me
I'm presidential peter
Interns think im hot
Dont care if you handicapped i'll still park in your spot
I've been around the world
From Hot pato back bay
It's Peter go peter
Up sir peter Yo peter
Let see regis rap this way
Can't touch me

alex commented at 6:04 PM on May 12, 2005:

peter griffin is hillarious i need to look for the fuckin cant touch me version off a family guy


stewie commented at 12:35 PM on October 17, 2005:

lois dose'nt die i've tried over and over again but she's like a robot lois if your out there FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!p.s I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL LOIS!!!!!!p.s lois YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan commented at 12:50 AM on October 22, 2005:

Is it me, or do the Family Guy fans have a little trouble with speling and gramma? LOL!!!!!!11!!one!11!eleventy-one!!!||

Nobody commented at 11:19 PM on October 22, 2005:

Jonathan, as long our mutual love of Family Guy keeps them coming to my site, I won't give them too much guff about their writing. :]

Danielle commented at 7:45 PM on December 2, 2005:

family guy is the best!! quagmire and stewie are the best!!! i like when quagmire says heh aaaaaaaaaaallllllllright! lol and the epsiode when stewie talks ot brain about his book and his voice gets higher and higher lol

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