More Feature Price Shenanigans

My credit card recently expired, and a new one was issued to me. The new had a new number, for "security reasons" as my credit card company said, and this annoyed me. What about whatever automated payments that I had set up which needed to happen? I expected "failed payment" notices to pop up in my e-mail. What a hassle, I thought.

What does this have to do with Feature Price? Everything, especially if you read the update on my Feature Price saga from yesterday.

A stated previously, Feature Price was back, like a scraggly undead cat that had clawed it's way out of its grave at the Pet Sematary. I took the opportunity to put in a billing "help request" through their online help tool, stating the situation with my fubared accounts and asking for the $541.98 which they owed me.

Within a day, I saw a response. Well, the original help request remains unanswered, but when I tried to ask for a refund they tried to charge me for more money!

What it seemed like they were trying to do was update the two cancelled subscriptions I had with them. As part of that update, they tried to tack on some additional fees:

  • Removing domain .hurm.com: $1.00
  • Sl Webalizer monthly subscription fee: $10.93
  • Sl Webalizer monthly subscription fee: $10.83
  • Sl Webalizer monthly subscription fee: $5.10
  • Total attempted theft: $27.86
Can you beat that? They even tried to charge me $1.00 for removing my domain from their service! That's crazy with a capital "nutcase"!

So, I want to just thank the service that manages my credit card for changing the number and thwarting Feature Price's newest attempt to steal from me. I thought the number change was going to be a hassle, but my credit card people clearly knew what they were doing, and I salute them for their expertise.

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