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So your lair's been destroyed again by that accursed super-spy, or your do-gooder archnemesis has confiscated all your henchperson gear, you you're looking for that perfect combat edge that only super-powers can provide. But, your time is precious, and you can't afford to waste it on searching high and low for the best deals. Where do you go for such things? VILLAINSUPPLY.com!

Whether you're a centuries-old cult or fledgling crime ring, VILLAINSUPPLY.com makes supplying all your evil endeavors a snap. Owned and operated by World Domination LLC, consortium of organizations devoted to the consolidation of global capital by a single cabal or individual, VILLAINSUPPLY.com can help you start building that evil empire which you've always dreamed about. Why delay? Start on the path to global domination today!

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Jonathan commented at 1:05 AM on June 10, 2003:

I actually came across this a couple of months ago, I think from the late, lamented Brunching Shuttlecocks. Good stuff.

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