I've been busy…

Two weeks ago I was on vacation. I didn't go anywhere, but I was catching up on some things. It ended early; work called me in to help with something because I guess I was the current specialist or expert or something like that.

I worked on that "something" that Friday, and a bit the Saturday right after. Then this past week I worked 6 days a week, I guess about 11 hours a day (except for Saturday, yesterday, that was just maybe 2.5 – 3 hours). But it was great, all of it. Because I had a lot of fun, and I was in the thick of it, helping create something that so many others could enjoy, and that I enjoyed. And I'm sorry that there was a lot about it that people didn't enjoy, but at least it feels like they enjoy knowing it happened if they didn't enjoy the direct experience itself.

And even though the plot was weak (at best) and hackish and so pitifully understated for what should have occurred to lead into the major turn-of-events which was the final & only plot point, and even though at times it was fully & completely impossible to participate, I had a lot fun. I wish every day could be more like that.

I know for most people, it's often just one negative comment that can ruin a great mood. For me, it's kind of opposite. All those irate, "I complain to increase my fame" jackass comments become washed away with one tiny, meager, mundane "ty" as I res & heal someone and watch them get back into the thick of the fun. Because it feels like I did something important for that person, even though the life changing event may just relate to their virtual life. One positive cooperative moment, for me, overshadows dozens of selfish "look at me" gripes & whines. I replied in the game, to the "ty," that it was my pleasure, and I meant it as much or more than the character who said it.

So, I've been busy, and haven't posted here because I was working on some stuff.

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