Sometimes there are no shortcuts

Sometimes in life there are no shortcuts. You may want to believe that there is always a shorter route, a quicker way to your goal, but it's not always true, is it? It can be a hard lesson to learn, and sometimes—often—we'll refuse to learn such a lesson even though there may clearly be only one correct path to take. And when we refuse to take that path, we may lead ourselves into disaster…

…And flip our Vanguard tanks.

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Susan commented at 11:35 AM on May 29, 2003:

New York drivers...

Nobody commented at 9:15 AM on June 2, 2003:

Egad, woman! You have insulted my people! :O

Jonathan commented at 8:30 PM on June 2, 2003:

Y'all'd do well to 'member that up here in New Yawk, we flip our Escalades, not our Vanguards.

As for me, I just flip my lid.

Nobody commented at 11:56 PM on June 2, 2003:

When you flip your lid, would you also say you're flipping yourself off?

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