Dental finale

Remember when I talked about going to the dentist? Well, I went again today to finish up what was started. I was actually supposed to get everything finished up last Friday, but there was a scheduling problem and they changed my appointment to today.

So when I say there was a scheduling problem, I actually mean I took the day off from work and, starting at around 11:00am, spent an hour and a half waiting to be called into the office. When I was finally called in, I was told it should only be another three minutes while the instruments finished being sterilized. Three minutes later, the dentist came in and began apologizing, that he was misinformed and it would be another 30 minutes.

He stated that the procedure should only take another thirty to forty-five minutes, but he had plans on going camping with his sons and proceeding with my dental work at that time would make him late for camping. When he asked if I would postpone to Tuesday (today), I agreed. I figured it was better to postpone it rather than have him rush trying to get out of the office 15 minutes early for some camping. It took another 20 minutes to get some pain medication (there were a bunch of nights when my tooth was really killing me).

Today, I left work slightly before my 2:00pm appointment, and the wait wasn't so long. Things went pretty smoothly, but instead of thirty to forty-five minutes it took over an hour-and-a-half. So, yeah, everything went well, and my teeth don't really hurt at the moment. I guess we'll see how it really went over the next few days.

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