A lone flowerSusan and I went "geocaching" today (well, technically we did it yesterday, but I haven't gone to sleep yet so it still feels like Sunday to me). Geocaching is a recreational treasure hunting game where people in 170 countries hide their own small caches and use GPSs to seek out other people's, leaving notes as to which ones they've found and sometimes exchanging items within the caches. We considered looking for five caches, actively sought 2, and only found the first one, but it was a great day.

Susan and her GPSI'd like to tell you where we went, but Susan was the guide on this trip and I wasn't sure where we went — some park outside Austin, Texas, is all I remember. :] She's been geocaching before, so she picked out the possible caches we were to seek, and navigated us to the park where the caches were.

The river

Pale lizardThe first location wasn't that tough to find. There was a little walking involved, and we walked through some brush that we probably could have walked around, but fairly soon into the seeking we found the cache under a rock. There was flora mostly surrounding us, but it opened on one side so we could see the nearby river. It was a small tupperware container with a mini-horde of cheapish toys and such inside. I left a note that we were there and took a little coca-cola tin with two dice inside. We left a Super Bounce Ball and put the cache back before we moved on. We went down to the river, with it's low, tiered "waterfall," and hung out for a bit on the rocks.

Waterfall points of interestWe made our way back to my Jeep and drove to the general location of the second cache. There was a lot more walking with this second one, as we descended a long series of rocky steps down a hill toward another river. This river wasn't as wide as the first river, and maybe it would more appropriately be called a stream. There was a sandy beach on our side of the water, and the far side was lined down to the edge with cedar trees. We strolled along the edge toward the next cache, and after a short bit took a break to get our bearings. Figuring we may not be going in the best way possible, we just hung out by this new river for a longer while, even going so far as to kick off our shoes and wading for a bit. We never finished looking for the second cache, and instead sat on a cracked and faded log for most of the rest of the afternoon. The walk back up the trail, back up to the car, that part wasn't so fun — I guess I should be a little more fit if I'm going to do more geocaching. :]

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anon e. mouse commented at 11:42 PM on April 28, 2003:

Completely unrelated (although I'm curious as to how fine a resolution the GPS has to find stuff like this, or do they make it obvious where it is like with a little marker on the dirt once you get close?) note, but there's something weird with your page, where if I click-drag over text (highlighting the text, which is a bad habit I have), and then unhighlight it with a click somewhere else, the text disappears until I highlight over it again. It's hard to explain, I'll show you later.


Nobody commented at 12:22 AM on April 29, 2003:

I noticed the same problem with missing text, but for me it was only with this Geocaching article. I think the right-aligned images within the paragraphs have something to do with it, somehow, especially because it looks like the first paragraph of the "continue reading" extended article is the only one affected for me.

Amy commented at 11:28 AM on April 29, 2003:

rat poops?

Amy commented at 3:44 PM on May 3, 2003:

So um... this has nothing to do with geocaching or rat poop, but I think when you added in the "show extra text on this page" script you removed the "leave a comment" link. Or I'm just too dense to figure out how to leave comments on your recent entries...

Nobody commented at 4:50 PM on May 3, 2003:

Oops. You're right. I just added it back in. (And I'll probably continue tweaking the layout/options here and there as I adjust the page structure.) Thanks for pointing that out. :]

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