What does the skyline say?

Each building in the skyline currently used in the Nowheresville background is actually a character in a font. When I mentioned that to a friend of mine earlier today, she immediately asked what the skyline spelled out.



You know, usually I'm all over that kind of subtlety. I used to have a business card designed to look like a comic book cover that had my phone number in the UPC code, I've snuck my signature into art that I wasn't supposed to sign, and I even include a transparent gif of a certain size in web designs I make as a way to leave my mark without anyone else knowing. But I totally missed the boat on the Nowheresville skyline “secret message.”

Until I change them, the background still repeats �FQw8Hc1PvIlCOMLztyxo� again and again, while the foreground is �evIcdx� over and over.

And I�ve been spending the past 60 minutes trying to think of suitable replacement text. >:( It's beyond bizarre to have writer's block for text that no one will ever be able to read.

Later that same day… Okay, now the skyline says something.

(By the way, the font is called "font-o-ville at night" and it's free from font-o-ville.)

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Susan commented at 9:36 AM on March 26, 2003:



Anon E. Mouse commented at 3:58 PM on March 27, 2003:

I vehemently protest the "hidden message" appearing in the foreground of the font-o-ville text at top. The background text is a nice touch, letting people "get" the message once decoded, and it matches to the content of the page as a nice title bar. The foreground message, however, IS AN AFFRONT TO EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD AND PURE IN THIS WORLD.

How dare you, sir? HOW DARE YOU!?

It's interesting that in these tragic times you would feel the need to post such a message. You can be sure that if messages like this are what your little "nowheresville" page is about, that I will never visit this godforsaken place again.

You obviously have some sort of calloused, hard black coal for a heart, and I will see you in hell (from heaven), where, if there is any justice in this world, you will burn in agony for all eternity.

Good day to you, sir, and may maggots feast upon your eyeballs.

Amy commented at 4:25 PM on March 27, 2003:

Can I have some of what that guy's smoking?

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