Categorizing Nowheresville

I've decided to begin assigning categories to the Nowheresville.org entires. Here's a list of the categories I came up with:

  • Friends & Family: This is probably obvious, but entries that center around my friends and family members will be assigned this category. It's also possible that such articles could be be included in multiple categories. For example, the primary category of one article could be "Friends & Family," but it could also be co-listed under "Snapshots" if it includes pictures.

  • Moments: Shared moments, moments of clarity, snippets of life seen through my eyes.

  • Snapshots: This is for any entry that includes or directs you to digital stills, movies, or scanned photographs.

  • Web Stuff: I'll be using this when I need to mention updates to this site or feel like sharing tidbits about my other Web endeavors.

  • Whatever: This is that catch-all category that every list needs to collect its x-factor.

I'll try to update the site design soon, to include the categories in the archive search area.

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