Merchandise Structure

Britannia Search & Rescue is now making use of the free services available at Cafepress, and is able to offer you all new BS&R merchandise. The initial design is shown below, and can be purchased on a t-shirt, an 11 oz. mug, a 15 oz mug, and a mousepad. More information can be found at

The Original T-shirt

Once upon a time a T-shirt was offered to BS&R Members. No other articles of clothing have been made available, but with enough demand it’s possible to have other items made. Pictured below is that official T-shirt design, albeit with one modification. In reality, there is a a stylized ankh behind the “Semper Cuius” text on the front of the shirt.

BS&R T-shirt
Front Back
tshirt-front.gif (5848 bytes) tshirt-back.gif (8648 bytes)

No other articles of clothing are yet available, but, who knows? With enough demand maybe I’ll find out how to get “baseball caps” made or something.

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