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Britannia Search & Rescue incorporates several different visual cues into it’s online (and off-line) identity. They include several related logos, a web-page banner, a uniform (where applicable), title (where applicable), text colors (as applicable) and motto.

Logo Identity

The original official logo of Britannia Search & Rescue is shown below.

Original BS&R Logo
BS&R-300.gif (11771 bytes)

BS&R is currently reevaluating its logo options, and has been working on the following designs:

Banner Identity

The Britannia Search & Rescue Guild also has a banner. Everyone should feel free to include this banner on their own web sites, including a link to the web page.

Click here to visit the BS&R

Optionally, web designers could copy this text into their HTML code:

<!-- begin BS&R banner link -->
<p align="center">
<a href="">
<img src="" alt="Click here to visit the BS&amp;R" border="0" WIDTH="440" HEIGHT="40"></a></p>
<!-- end BS&R banner link -->

Using this code will assist web designers in that they will not have to allocate web space to the banner, and will be ensured of having the latest version should the banner change in the future.

Uniform (Ultima Online) Identity

The most basic uniform, as originally defined in Ultima Online, is an orange cape, sash, and kilt. This official BS&R orange is sometimes called “basic orange” or even referred to as an “emergency services orange.” Some games may not allow for such specifics, but whatever the variation, "orange" is the cornerstone of the BS&R "look."

Although referred to as "the uniform" there is a certain amount of personal variation allowed in its composition, thus granting a certain measure of individuality and personal expression. One variation, available to all member-characters, is a feathered cap—dyed orange of course. The cap has been worn primarily during official BS&R functions, although widespread, more casual daily use has been enjoyed by some member-characters. Another common variation was adopted by some BS&R Chapters: the modifying of the sash. The Knights of Ni Chapter of Ultima Online wore a green sash rather than an orange one, reflective of their guild colors before merging with the BS&R. BS&R Gold replaced the sash entirely with a green doublet.

Further, the uniform is not required to be worn in the field, although it is strongly preferred. This is allowed due to the combination our perhaps all-too-visible uniform and our walking alone through murderers' territories. It is also recognized that the BS&R member-character may enjoy multi-guild memberships (which is allowed, providing no ethical conflicts), and so we humbly acquiesce to the dress code of the other virtuous group. However, it is asserted that BS&R member-characters should wear their BS&R uniforms to BS&R functions.

Official BS&R Uniform in Ultima Online
Basic version Mage hat and Chapter-colored sash Cap, Chapter doublet, and orange shield Head wrap and female armor

Note: To achieve the appropriate orange color when mixing dyes in Ultima Online, simply count 2 boxes left of the basic yellow in the mixing grid, and zero boxes down from the top. Slide the button below the grid toward the center, and you have the official guild color.

Title Identity

Some Internet games allow guilded characters to display a title. Britannia Search & Rescue member-characters are asked to include "BS&R" in their (guild) title. It is especially important to display the BS&R initials in games that do not allow for individualized uniforms. The member-character's BS&R Rank may also be included in the Title, if possible, but it is not required. For example, in UO: [Guildmaster, BS&R, ]

Verbal Expression Identity

Members may use any color for their “speech text,” however, if no uniform nor (guild) title is available in a particular game (but text colors may be varied) it is then preferred that the BS&R member-character use an orange text while speaking.

The BS&R also has a motto: Semper Cuius. This translates to "Forever Virtuous" and refers directly to the first of the 5 Points of the BS&R Charter. Examples of uses of the motto are:

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