Knights of Ni Chapter Chapter

The Knights of Ni was a Chapter of Britannia Search & Rescue.

The Knights of Ni were a budding guild which joined the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild in the first stages of their growth. They quickly became an integral part of the BS&R. The Ni Chapter donated a Tower to the BS&R, located North of Britain on the southern edge of the mountains (below the desert). The Knights of Ni Chapter maintained custodianship of the Tower, known to some as the Britannia Search & Rescue War College of Ni.

Entry to the Tower was sometimes restricted to entry only by members in good standing for one month or more, or otherwise accompanied by such a member, as decided by the Knights of Ni Chapter Members. Within the Tower is a tremendous amount of furniture, such as chests, bookcases, chairs, and more chests. There is also a Training Room on one of the upper floors. In its day, this Training Room usually hosted one or more Evil Monster in a “shooting gallery” of sorts.

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