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Thursday, 22 July 2004


The BS&R news page is once again functioning. The old NewsPro archives has been adapted and important into the new Movable Type publishing system.

— Nobody

The Guild that keeps on!

Wednesday, 28 November 2001


Zanthor, known to some of you as our own “Travis,” posted the following tribute to the BS&R guild at the Online Gaming Comments and News, here.

    The Guild that keeps on!

    As time goes by, games come and games go, but faster yet, the guilds within change, come and go, with every day another rises and another falls. In a twist of irony, I ran across Nobody the other day, and due to some events today, I decided to look up the old Britannia Search and Rescue website. Sure enough, it was still there. It's news looks to be updated monthly, and the spirit lives on, the guild will always be part of Britannia!

    As I look down the site, and browse thru it, I find myself thinking back to the fun we all had back in "the day". Sure, it wasn't always fun, and sometimes we just got had, but it was always together, and always as friends.

    I looked down the list, and saw familiar names, names like Calvin, the man who got me into the guild, for his noble actions in the Cove Orc Fort proved to me that he was a man of action (And a pretty good PVPer! We smoked that box bomber!) Names like Duncan Idaho, the nutcase who wore nothing but plate pants and carried newbie reagents so the PK's wouldn't get anything from him, James Ensor, a mage of some renown, even thou he and Calvin shared an account at the time, Black Lung, a man who was in BS&R and had helped me many times, before I ever knew who or what BS&R was about, Mr. Christiansen was another who had bailed me out of many jams....

    PapaMan, Big Bub, MasterOfPuppets, Archangel, Jarlaxle, Hugh, Lucina Juno, and countless others... All comrads in arms, all who cringed with me at the cry of Corp Por, and who charged into battle to defend those less prepared.

    We died often, we won more often, we drove the scourge from the dungeons and helped those who we could. It was a glorious time, but it was plagued with strife, murder and blood.

    Would I go back and do it again? Damn skippy! I'd not give up these times, it was fun beyond belief, yet at the same time, there is a greater peace of knowing that the worst you have to worry about is an Ogre Lord, when you are hunting them!

    But it all boils down to what really makes a game great, and guilds like BS&R are a HUGE part of that.

    To those who wear the Orange, we salute you!

    Travis T. Tailor
    Grandmaster Mage

    Travis removes his tall straw hat and salutes in fond memory of times past, and a glimmer in his eye of times to come.

    And maybe one of these days, I'll write the Bio of Travis T. Tailor... it's a good one!

Thanks for the tribute, Travis. I'll be expecting that bio on my desk first thing Monday morning! ;]

— Nobody

The BS&R “Map Room”

Friday, 12 October 2001


The Britannia Search & Rescue “Map Room” is as a Treasure Hunters’ Rune Library, and is a direct reference to the main room of our Trinsic Operations Center, on the Felucca facet of the Baja shard. The Map Room contains runes to all the treasure chest locations in the Felucca facet on Ultima Online’s Baja shard.

There’s been some links added to the navigation area on the left of our site, and the direct link to the Map Room’s “sub-site” is

— Nobody

Message Board Link Updated

Tuesday, 25 September 2001


I've finally updated the "Message Board" link in the navigation aera at the left.

I haven't created a new message board, since our guild is currently in a commununication "lull," I'm not completely satisfied with the (free) message boards available, and our hosting service hasn't been the greatest lately as far as scripts go. I've decided to point the message board link to the Avalon message board, here, since many BS&R guildmates have been involved strongly in Avalon, until such time as I decide to create our own board.

— Nobody

New BS&R Gear

Monday, 23 July 2001


Cafe Press recently made some additional goods available for it's users, such as some hats, a tank top, a tote bag, boxer shorts. I jumped all over this and started setting up some more BS&R merchandise items. Check out what's now available at http:/

— Nobody

SitePowerUp is closing shop; BS&R boards moving

Tuesday, 29 May 2001


You may have read up top that all the SitePowerUp boards will be closed as of Friday. We'll be moving the BS&R boards most likely away from any outside service. It'll be a part of a group of forums. Don't worry about finding it, you'll be able read about where it'll be on the BS&R news site, and there'll be a link to the new board off the BS&R site.

Stay tuned for an update within a week.

— Nobody

Event Tool idea, a tool for player events

Sunday, 25 March 2001


I had an idea for an in-game tool for Ultima Online, called the “event tool”. This uniquely colored canvas, only superficially similar in function to Guildstones and Factions stones, would allow a number of guilds to collect their efforts into developing enhancements for player-driven events and activities.

All the Participants attached to the event tool would be able to “feed” the tool with such resources as logs, ingots, and gold, and these resources would automatically convert into “event tool points”. Event tool points would be used by the Director of the event tool to generate deeds for special Actors (superficially similar to player Vendors), house or “lawn” Ornaments, Props that can be carried, and even a limited amount of Adversaries.

Community leaders and Guildmasters which have groups split onto multiple Guildstones would be able to enhance play for their respective groups without conflicting with Guildwar or Faction wars mechanics. For example, a player-city could have an event stone that includes those characters on its Citizen Guildstone (which is not involved in any Guildwars or Faction Wars), its Guard Guildstone (which is involved in temporary Guildwars but not involved in Faction Wars), its Mage Guildstone (which is not involved in Guildwars but is involved in Factions Wars), and its Rangers Guildstone (a splinter of the Citizen and Guard Guildstones which maintains permanent Guildwars with role-playing groups but is not involved in Faction Wars). All these subgroups would be able to enjoy the benefits of the event tool.

Non-Participants would not be overly affected by the application of the event tool by any specific group, as event tool created entities will not be able block, attack, be blocked, or be attacked by non-Participants.

The complete event tool concept can be read here. Please feel free to make any comments on the BS&R message board. (A zipped version of the current event tool documentation in RTF format, openable in most word processing programs, is available here. It is about 12k in size as a Zipped archive, and about 12 pages long.)

Although I've posted several smaller & simpler ideas here and to places — such as for hitching posts, gardening, and players being able to label cakes, I guess every "idea person" such as myself eventually bubbles over with their "Big Idea", like Joshua Rowan's and his Nobility System, and Talanithus's recent broadcast crystal idea. I've only shared this so far with a few people, such as the aforementioned Joshua Rowan, Hazard of Baja's Freeborn Press , and one or two other people when it was merely a two or three paragraph idea a few weeks ago.

Thanks for your indulgence in reading & critiquing my latest idea, and thanks in advance for your feedback.

— Nobody

Nigel sworn into BS&R

Thursday, 7 December 2000


Congratulations to Nigel on his being sworn into Britannia Search & Rescue. Nigel was sworn into BS&R this evening in the Trinsic Operations Center in Felucca. The Lizard Men came out once again to pay their deep respect to our guild.

Nigel comes to us as a fledgling Treasure Hunter, and will nodoubt be a tremendously valuable assest as our Treasure Hunter's Rune Library nears completion.

— Nobody

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