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This page includes the latest and past Britannia Search & Rescue Events. At the bottom of the page are links to past Events and Snapshots pages, which are screenshots of guildmembers not related to any particular Event or Expedition.

Archived Events
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Event Planner/Sponsor
BS&R Particpants, Associates
Event Date
Event page
1 Holiday Feast
UO: Baja (BS&R OC-Yew)
Big Bub, Blitz, PapaMan, Black Widow, Milton, Master of Puppets, O’lorae, Nobody, Tanis, and Mr. Christian
14 Dec 97
Event page
2 Expedition
UO: Baja (The Dungeon Hythloth)
Mr.Christian, Duncan Idaho, Arys, James Ensor, Bremen, Black Widow, Archangel, Fiatofa, ben, Kelir Lostland, and MasterOfPuppets
Mar 98
Event page
3 Wedding of BW & MrC.
UO: Baja (BS&R OC-Trinsic)
Mr.Christian, BlackWidow, PapaMan, Nobody, Argon, Arys, Bremen, Calvin, Fiatofa, Gor Graybeard, Hugh, Jarlaxle, Lothar, MasterOfPuppets, Nicodemus, Ualther, Adrenalynn, Orrion, Lady Shannara-MLA, Darkoath, Lord Conrad, Counselor Creo, Counselor Glamdring
THU, 9 Apr 98
Event page
4 Lord Conrad & the Caravan
UO: Baja (Britain)
Nobody, Ualther, Bremen, Mr. Christian, Black Widow, Gunner, PapaMan, and the Justice Guard
SAT, 18 Apr 98
Event page

History Archives

Click here to view a list of highlights of and milestones in BS&R history.

Snapshots Archives

Listed below are some pages that include “snapshots” of our members and associates unconnected with BS&R Events. Please be prepared to wait as the pictures on each page load into your browser, as some of the files are slightly large.

Britannia Search & Rescue Snapshots from up to 17 April 1998

Britannia Search & Rescue Snapshots from up to 24 November 1997

Britannia Search & Rescue Snapshots from up to 24 October 1997

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