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There are a great many web sites that could be used as resources for all the information we seek. Rather than attempt to list — and maintain updates for — all these sites the following URLs are considered significant and perhaps essential for activities in the games where BS&R maintains a strong presence.

If you have a new link which you believe may be beneficial to Britannia Search & Rescue, just submit the URL to Nobody at

Links & Resources
BS&R, Members,
Off-shoots, and Affiliates

Britannia Search & Rescue
Message board:
A multi-game Internet guild which acts primarily as a helpful support guild for various player & character types.

Online Gaming Content and News
Zanthor’s internet gaming news & information site.

Avalon: City of Destiny [CoA], [GoA]
Player city on UO's Baja Shard.

News & Statistics

Ultima Online
Internet-based massively-multiplayer role-playing game.
Guildstone listings
Event Calendar

UO Stratics
Premier Ultima Online statistics & news service.

Premier Ultima Online news service.

Role-playing & General Interest

The Ethereal Vortex
Community database for Ultima Online.

Catskills Roleplaying-The Simple Site

Message Board:
Exceptional evil role-playing group for Ultima Online (Catskills Shard) and EverQuest.

Shadowclan War Drums
Premier news service for the Shadowclan.

Kazola’s Treetop Keg & Winery
Player-run tavern on Ultima Online's Great Lakes Shard.

Tryon’s ImaNewbie
Cartoon based on Ultima Online characters and situations.

Ultima Online background information
The Principles and Virtues of Balance, Chaos and Order
Ultima Online Atlas
Ultima Encyclopedia - Home
— Ultima Encyclopedia - The Ethics of Britannia

3rd Party Services & Software

Messaging and chat software.

Ultima Online Screenshot Utility. Creates a JPEG with a keystroke, saved with the name and to the directory location of your choice.

Ultima Online Assist. An application only for UO with so many helpful features that it's worth the $15 fee. (1 week trial also available).

Ultima Online Auto Map. Tracks character locations within UO. All permanent locations & shops labeled. Can even start a "server" for several people to track each other.

Xena's UO Tools
Several helper applications for Ultima Online, such as UOCurse (an external text macro program) and UO Magic Tool (for tracking reagents and spell ability).

Allows owners of UO to view the separate visual and audible elements of the game, such as each monster, piece of furniture, and the world map.

Server emulator for Ultima Online.

Other Ultima Online links
[Bootsware] Download index
Ultima Online Software Library

Robert Simpson’s UO Tools
Several applications valuable for Internet game players, such as UOMonitor (which monitors the Ultima Online servers’ status) and NetLaunch (which helps manages Internet software launching).

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