This area is meant not necessarily as a Britannia Search & Rescue resource, but as a sharing of concepts and observations on things that might make our time that we spend in the game that we play more efficient and entertaining.

Event Tool

In-game player tool for Ultima Online

I had an idea for an in-game tool for Ultima Online, called the “event tool”. This uniquely colored canvas, only superficially similar in function to Guildstones and Factions stones, would allow a number of guilds to collect their efforts into developing enhancements for player-driven events and activities.

All the Participants attached to the event tool would be able to “feed” the tool with such resources as logs, ingots, and gold, and these resources would automatically convert into “event tool points”. Event tool points would be used by the Director of the event tool to generate deeds for special Actors (superficially similar to player Vendors), house or “lawn” Ornaments, Props that can be carried, and even a limited amount of Adversaries.

Community leaders and Guildmasters which have groups split onto multiple Guildstones would be able to enhance play for their respective groups without conflicting with Guildwar or Faction wars mechanics. For example, a player-city could have an event stone that includes those characters on its Citizen Guildstone (which is not involved in any Guildwars or Faction Wars), its Guard Guildstone (which is involved in temporary Guildwars but not involved in Faction Wars), its Mage Guildstone (which is not involved in Guildwars but is involved in Factions Wars), and its Rangers Guildstone (a splinter of the Citizen and Guard Guildstones which maintains permanent Guildwars with role-playing groups but is not involved in Faction Wars). All these subgroups would be able to enjoy the benefits of the event tool.

Non-Participants would not be overly affected by the application of the event tool by any specific group, as event tool created entities will not be able block, attack, be blocked, or be attacked by non-Participants.

The complete event tool concept can be read at Please feel free to make any comments on the BS&R message board at

Ordo Cuius

Role-playing concept for Ultima Online

The Ordo Cuius is an order of monks within Ultima Online. Click here to read more about them.

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