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Cross-game Scavenger Hunt

Here is an overview of an in-game "scavenger hunt" idea I had recently. It's sort of "badge collection meets promo items" that encourages players to play multiple MMOG games (but not necessarily simultaneously)....

Re-events in MMOGs

Several years ago, I was an event volunteer for a large MMOG. Many of our live, in-game events required approval from higher-ups before we volunteers were allowed to enact them. The wait for approval often felt like forever, so I...

Experience bonus for not dying

Many role-playing games penalize players when their characters die. Penalties include experience loss, level loss, item loss, and returning to a starting location (which may include repopulated spawns besides the extra travel hassle). Some games penalize with experience debt, splitting...

Idea for "Best of Team" mission rewards in MMOGs

Some MMOGs track server-wide or service-wide character achievement stats, and players enjoy seeing their characters rise to the top of these lists. This obviously appeals to "over-achievers," but the everyman is sort of left out. I'd like to see some...

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