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Episode 20

Lorla asserts that she is a Jedi.

This episode originally appeared at SWG Stratics. Following is the original news post announcing the series and accompanying the episode.

A Girl and Her Wookiee - Episode 20

Wednesday March 20 2002 | SiteNews - 12:29 AM PST | Posted By: Dahlia Vale

Lorla Thisteen impresses Symon Jakkel, "star pilot supreme," with her awe-inspiring Jedi powers before she and Tonkah the Wookiee hire him on as their guide into known space. Episode Twenty of "A Girl and Her Wookiee" is the latest episode of SWG Stratics' very own bi-weekly comic strip, which can be found here.

"A Girl and Her Wookiee" is created by Bastion, and is based on concepts from the Star Wars universe. Start reading from the first strip, here.

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