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Episode 15

Lorla bumps into a mysteriously familiar droid while looking for a pilot.

This episode originally appeared at SWG Stratics. Following is the original news post announcing the series and accompanying the episode.

A Girl and Her Wookiee - Episode 15

Thursday January 17 2002 | SiteNews - 9:39 PM PST | Posted By: Sparlawk

A Girl and Her Wookiee returns, as novice Jedi Knight Lorla Thisteen flexes her ability over the Force to locate a star pilot to take both her and Tonkah the Wookiee off-world, to cross paths with destiny! Episode Fifteen of A Girl and Her Wookiee, the latest episode of SWG Stratics very own bi-weekly comic strip, can be found here. A Girl and Her Wookiee is created by Bastion, and is based on concepts from the Star Wars universe. Start reading from the first strip, here.

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