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Episode 1

Teenager Lorla Thisteen views a hologram from her missing grandfather, Jedi Knight Lewl Thisteen.

This episode originally appeared at SWG Stratics. Following is the original news post announcing the series and accompanying the episode.

A Girl and Her Wookiee: Episode 1

Monday June 4 2001 | SiteNews - 10:31 PM PDT | Posted By: Nobody

"A retired Jedi Knight, the grandfather of a Force-sensitive girl, has gone missing. Young Lorla Thisteen journeys throughout the galaxy, searching for him, the only 'parent' she's ever known. Accompanying Lorla on her quest is her alien companion, Tonkah, a Wookiee whose life was saved more than once by the missing Jedi."

That's the premise of "A Girl and Her Wookiee," an online comic strip based in the Star Wars universe. It's created by Bastion and myself, and will be coming to you every two weeks, exclusively at SWG Stratics...starting now! You can read the first strip here.

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